Monday 28 of November, 2022
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Hold Your Horses, Beach Polo Is Coming to Egypt for the First Time Ever Next Weekend

The first ever beach polo silver cup is happening on the sands of Egypt’s Gouna and you can totally ride a pony!

Staff Writer

Outside of Egypt, horses are glorified for their beauty and their athletic sublimity. More often than not, the horses that come to Egypt are not given this same opportunity to show off their silky smooth horsetails or how fast they can run and manoeuvre at the same time. Just a minute, this isn’t really about equal opportunities for the horses of the world, this is about Egypt’s first ever  cup happening on the 27th of April until the 30th of April on the sands of El Gouna.

If you don’t know what beach polo is, you shouldn’t even be reading this right now and you should probably look it up. But we’ll be nice and tell you that it’s similar to field polo, except using a different ball, more compatible with sand, a more compact playing arena, different sized teams, and game-play duration, AND it’s at a beach.

We don’t need to remind everyone that this time of the year is perfect to be in El Gouna, especially for such a suave and sophisticated event. As the horses and their teams face off in the fierce custom-built beach polo arena, guests can indulge in all of the musical entertainment, food, and the bar set up on the beach for the day. We’re talking diverse food trucks, marina parades AND pony rides! So you can elegantly stuff your face (somehow) with delicious food truck delights while riding a pony, like a boss.

But you’ll never quite be the boss you dream of being at this beach polo fiesta without the perfect outfit. Ladies, you’re asked to dress up in your favourite bright beach dress, or your most comfortable casual beach outfit. But you may as well not even show up if you forget your grandest beach hat! Men should also dress casually, but maybe throw on a summer polo shirt or a chemise of sorts. 

Four days in El Gouna, loads of entertainment, first beach polo face off in Egypt, ponies, and a parade? Weekend well spent!

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