Monday February 26th, 2024
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Hop Over to Ramses Hilton

Just in time for the Easter break, Executive Chef Dimitrios of the Ramses Hilton Hotel will be hosting a series of cooking classes at their gorgeous Windows on the World restaurant.

Staff Writer

As an office, we have the combined culinary capabilities of a four-year-old. Fires have been started in the kitchen, pasta - the simplest of all things to cook - has been burned, and our expertise go about as far as making a grilled cheese sandwich. Which we may or may not burn. So when we heard about the Ramses Hilton's Spring Culinary Sessions, a series of cooking classes, we knew it was something worth looking into, if only for the sake of being able to feed ourselves if the maid takes a day off.

The hotel's Windows on the World restaurant will be holding cooking classes starting April 10th, where they'll teach you how to make a variety of delicious meals. Their first class will begin, appropriately, with educating you on how to create a three-course Easter meal! Now, being the culinarily challenged humans that we are, we were not entirely sure what exactly an 'Easter recipe' entails, but we do love the Easter bunny, and we do love food, so we have to assume Easter food will garner the same degree of love from us. A quick Google search revealed that such delicious foods as sweet and sour lamb chops, deviled eggs, cheesy potatoes, and carrot cake, amongst others, are counted as 'Easter-y foods'. Sounds good to us! No word yet on whether these are the actual dishes you'll be preparing, but seriously, whatever they teach you, it is always useful to have some handy recipes in your arsenal. Every guy wants a wife you can cook, and every girl is seriously impressed with a guy who can cook, so it's essentially a win-win situation. The recipes are being created by the hotel's Executive Chef Dimitrios.

There will also be a special session for colouring eggs and crafting chocolates and vegetables. You had us at chocolate. And then you lost us at vegetables. Just kidding. Over the years, we've learned to love our veggies. The course costs LE 250, including breakfast, lunch, the demonstration and, a bonus apron!

Find out more by visiting Ramses Hilton's Facebook page and following @Ramses_Hilton on Twitter.