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How Egyptians Should Decorate their Homes in 2018 to Keep them Lit, According to Experts

Lighting can make or break an interior space. From stylish focused lighting, to statement lamps and ceiling chandeliers, 3Brothers strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and function.

We can’t seem to resist the urge to splurge on beautiful furniture and wall coverings before we somehow screw it all up with bad lighting. It may sound like some interior design cliché to you, but well-executed lighting can jazz up the most humdrum of spaces; making an average home interior look dazzling - while poor lighting will dull down the most stunning of homes. Fortunately for us, 3Brothers is around to save the day and provide us with everything lighting! They’ve been in the game as leading industry experts for over 25 years. And now they’re introducing cutting-edge lighting technologies, to provide a splash of chic and enhance the ambiance of any space.

With a contemporary twist to classic designs, 3Brothers is basically changing the lighting game in Egypt. We’re not talking about crystal chandeliers that hang over our grandmothers’ dining tables, but rather super-sleek, stand-out fixtures that style-up our homes in all the right ways.

From wall sconces that radiate light toward the ceiling, to sophisticated hanging shades, statement lamps, and whimsical/modern chandeliers, the options are endless at 3Brothers. “We import decorative fixtures and manufacture 2,500 products ourselves. I doubt our range of products can be found anywhere else in Egypt,” tells us Ahmed Reda, 3Brothers' Marketing Manager.
3Brothers has also got a whole range of customised lighting colours, and lighting that illuminates places where the ceiling pulls away from the walls, making a room feel bigger. “We’re able to play with lighting effects and beam. The very same fixture can produce different beams and we have a very huge palette of different colors for all our lighting products,” adds Reda.

Glare from artificial lighting is a main cause to our monster headaches and migraines, however 3Brothers' iComfort units (the first of their kind in the Middle East) feature high tech lenses that eliminate such glare. This same technology is imbued with a software that mimics what's happening outside the room, so the colour of the space changes according to the sunlight available. And with the 'control option' you can change the lighting tone off of your mobile phone. The future is here! Early in December, 3Brothers reopened their oldest showroom in Roxy after being renovated by the established designer Mona Hussein.The glamorous opening featured a live saxophonist, scrumptious bites and drinks, and a rather enlightening talk by Hany Saad on the importance of lighting in furniture (Pun intended). 

So there you have it, next time you think about redecorating your home, make sure you pay attention to lighting and go to the lighting expert, 3Brothers. 

Check out 3Brother's Instagram page here, their Facebook page here and website here

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