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How this Creative Couple is Making Egyptian Kitchens Pretty and Practical

The woodwork these two create makes them the cooler version of the Flinstones.

In the astoundingly beautiful corners of this world, a young couple with a mutual love for creativity and art, would meet, get married, and he, being the soulful artist that he is, would teach her carpentry – one of the many skills he learned in art school – and they would eventually make all sorts of artisanal products with a rustic touch.

In the adroit corners of the internet, we found Sherine Shoukry and Ahmed Coutry, the couple who co-founded Pretty Practical. Who says you can’t bring your hipster vibes with you into the kitchen? This doesn't mean the suicidal meal of kale on kale, by the way. This means the awesome side of not being mainstream (which also functions as a proven tactic to distract your mother-in-law from pulverising your cooking skills) and a way of making cooking all the more special and practical, with handcrafted wooden utensils, cutting boards, bowls, pizza servers, and everything the kitchen needs to be a warmer and more personalised space.Shoukry, who introduced Coutry to the "crazy idea," as they call it, thought of it when Mada Market had a sale, and she suggested in the one month prior to the market that he makes about 40 pieces to sell. That plan worked, because they came home with only four pieces.

Shoukry tells us that she's always been a fan of her kitchen, "I love cooking, and I love taking photos of my food for the purpose of documenting. But, every time I buy utensils, especially wooden, they were just generic." So, what did she do? Ask her genius of a husband to whip her up a few utensils. This turned into a collaborative project, and now business, between the two, successfully bringing the most unique pieces to Egyptian kitchens.According to Shoukry, the use of wood in the kitchen is integral. "I love using wood in the kitchen. It's so raw! And not to get too much into symbolism, but cooking and eating with your family is one of the few intimate moments one gets to have – it's a perfect way to complement a natural and organic setting."

The couple uses 100% Egyptian wood, mainly rosewood, acacia, and lebbeck. And if you know anything about wood, that's where all the beautiful shades of brown come from in their products. More than their keen use of pure wood, they're environmentally friendly – they insist on using every piece of wood and not letting any go to waste, and they make their own wax at home for finishing. As their business grows, the couple are both more excited about making custom-made pieces. "We love it when people ask us to make something especially for them. Recently, someone asked for a breakfast in bed tray! This gets us to be more creative, and step out of the routine of producing mass items." They've also began experimenting with small furniture pieces.

We hear that Coutry has always been overprotective with all that his hands create, and luckily, thanks to Shoukry, he's learning to detach so that we actually get a chance at owning some of these unique pieces.Check out their Instagram, and you can also order from their Facebook @PrettynPractical.

Images are courtesy of Pretty Practical.