Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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How to Be Chivalrous

We’ve teamed up with our friends from Chivas Regal, that golden nectar fueling our (we’d like to think classy) nights out in Cairo, to create a quick go to guide on being gallant and gracious in the presence of the fairer sex...

Staff Writer

Egyptian men are renowned to be gentlemen but sometimes, you have to admit, they’re not that gentle about it. With more than 100 hundred years of sophisticated sipping under their belt here’s Chivas’ guide on what to do to be chivalrous, and with five years of experiencing the underbelly of Egyptian chivalry, from CairoScene, here’s what also not to do…

DO go inside and wait patiently if your date is still getting ready to go out. When she asks for advice on how she looks be honest but not antagonistic and always find something to compliment. If she is wearing a slightly short skirt, but she feels beautiful in it, don’t force her to wear something less 3eib. In fact, don’t say anything, just be quiet, drink your whisky, and nod approvingly.

DON’T wait downstairs in the car, honk repeatedly and WhatsApp her every minute because you need her to hurry up as you can only get into the event as a couple.  


DO Order her a drink before yourself, ask her what she likes and memorise it for next time.

DON’T assume she’s going order a fruity cocktail just because she’s a girl.


DO be kind to the waiter. As the saying goes, a guy who is nice to you but not to the waiter is no guy you want to be with. And always tip.

DON’T make that tip: “you should find a new job,” and then shout “Inta 3aref ana men?! Ana Hatrodak!”


DO give your girlfriend space if she needs some time alone with her own girlfriends. Wait until the next day and let her tell you how much fun she had.

DON’T turn up to the same place by ‘accident’ and start a fight with the first guy you see her talking to.


DO engage in interesting conversation with their parents when the opportunity arises, as we all know that your relationship with her family is just important than the one with her. It wouldn’t hurt to get them a little gift for the first meeting as well.

DON’T complain about having to meet the parents, and then when you do… don’t tell them you’re an artist.

So there you have it, gentlemen; your golden guide to chivalry from the people who know it best. So next time you have a big date, make sure Chivas Regal is your wingman.