Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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How to Keep a Lady in 11 Diamonds

Any smart gentleman knows that it's well worth his cash to keep his woman happy with diamonds lest he face her wrath. That's why Michael Oro has the perfect diamond for each occasion...

Staff Writer

Relationships are a series of milestones, all of which girls insist on celebrating. And by insist we mean that if you don’t acknowledge the occasion with presents, there'll be a crabby girlfriend/wife to contend with. There's that first anniversary, the engagement, the marriage, the first big fight, the second big fight, Valentine's Day… And while guys get watches and wallets and the occasional electronic device, girls get diamonds. This is simply the way of the world. And while you may nab yourself a few brownie points with flowers or some other short-lived good, you've hit the brownie mother-load when you get her something that glitters. Also, when you've seriously messed up, your only chance to squirm your way out of the situation is with some sparkly stones.

Heliopolis jewellery boutique Micheal Oro seems to understand this perfectly. The cosy store is a wonderland of luxury and diamond-encrusted-everything, instantly activating your inner need to try everything on and pretend you're Princess Diana. The boutique, a family-owned business headquartered in Cairo but with branches in Sharm El Sheikh and an office in New York, has been draping people in gold since 1997. But after its current jewellery maestro inherited it in 2004, he decided to change course, ditching gold for diamonds. He must have realised – like any sane person obviously – that gold is nice and all, but diamonds are a girl's best friend. Seriously. Like, if we were on a boat that was sinking we'd save our diamonds before our best friend. Just kidding! (Or are we?)

We browsed the endless rows of serious rocks and the boutique boasts diamonds for every occasion. From classic eternity rings and necklaces worthy of the royal court, to delicate pieces, perfect for less ostentatious occasions, and ear cuffs that are funkier and trendier than you'd usually expect from diamonds. The boutique also customises pieces, perfecting them to your taste (and budget!). So while we casually coated ourselves in diamonds, we realised that there's a perfect piece for every step or milestone of relationships and here is our guide for how to stay on your girlfriend/wife's good graces via diamonds.

Anniversary of it's-about-time-a-proposal-happens

Valentine's Day as a married couple

Shit, I forgot our anniversary

Happy Birthday

I'm sorry

I'm really sorry

I'm just a great husband

I'm really hoping to get some tonight

It didn’t mean anything!

I didn’t mean to call your mother a meddling bitch

Will you marry me?

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