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ID Destinations @ Amici

We headed on over to Amici Heliopolis for our first chance to win a trip to Milan with ID Black Onyx...

Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and where there’s freebies involved – which just so happen to include a possible trip to freaking MILAN – there’s us, front and centre, with cherries on top. So naturally, after we found out about ID Vodka’s ID Destinations campaign where one lucky little bugger gets to win a trip to Milan with the vodka brand, to basically go and party for a few days, we started stalking them on Twitter and Facebook to find out where the first party would be (Amici Heliopolis), and where the second party would be (Graffiti), and where the third party would be (Tamarai), and where their CEO lived and how he likes his coffee and his social security number. And when we did find out the first location, we headed over there sharpish.

Basically ID is hosting three parties, where at each one you have the chance to be one of the finalists that gets to win a trip to Milan. We hit up Amici for their first event, and our spot’s already booked for Graffiti tomorrow night and Tamarai on the 18th. Obvs. Because we don’t mess around when it comes to free trips. And we’re clearly not the only ones because the cool cocktail bar was crammed to the brim with people who were thinking along the same lines as us. 

Naturally, we got started on the drinking early, ordering cocktails galore from a specially created ID cocktail menu, which we have to say – with a modicum of surprise to be honest – were all pretty damn delicious. So for those of you out there who still have doubts about ID Black Onyx’s vodka, that stuff goes down smoothly. Course we’re sure Amici’s epic mixing skills had a little something to do with it, but they can’t take all the credit. With every cocktail you have, you get three scratch cards, which hold the promise (oh fingers and toes crossed) of a trip to Milan. So, obviously, drinkers that we are, we went a little nuts with the ordering, frantically waving down waiters for our next drink, and scratching the accompanying cards like our life depended on it. We didn’t actually win a spot in the finals but someone did (we will hunt you down - be afraid, be very afraid). But on the bright side, we’ve still got two more chances to win with their next two events. And we can’t say we went home empty handed because the scratch cards kept surprising us with a whole variety of goodies. We won some free cocktails, (yay alcohol!), a free shaker (every home needs one – you can’t call yourself a good alcoholic if you haven’t got one), and even some mini speakers, which as well all know, are the most useful of all inventions, a veritable trip necessity because no one has the damn space to pack speakers that weigh 4 kilos and take up half your suitcase. 

We also went a little crazy on the ID slot machine, eagerly jabbing the buttons like those little old ladies that take over a slot machine in a casino and refuse to give it up. Oh and there was a caricature artists. Yep, just like those ones you see in the streets (not in Cairo) but can’t be bothered to pay 50 euros for to have a picture of you looking like Johnny Bravo, except this was for free. And as we’ve established, we love free stuff. Set up in a corner of the bar, the guy drew out a version of us we certainly hope we don’t look like but we definitely plan on hanging in our room. In like, a corner. They also had Shamiya Sharaf singing for a while there in the beginning, whose awesome voice made us want to rip her damn hair out of her head out of jealousy. But we didn’t. Because we were drinking and winning free stuff so obviously we were in a good mood.

Anyhoo, seeing as we still haven’t gotten our greedy little hands on that trip to Milan yet, we’ll definitely be at Graffiti tomorrow night and Tamarai next week. We would suggest you be there too to win, but we don’t want to lessen our own chances… 

Keep up with ID's Black Onyx tour on their Facebook page here and follow @IDCocktails on Twitter.