Saturday May 25th, 2024
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IKEA to Open Second Cairo Store in Sheikh Zayed

With 20,000 sqm retail space, IKEA is here to save Sheikh Zayed peeps from ring-road hell.

Staff Writer

IKEA to Open Second Cairo Store in Sheikh Zayed

Minimalist, DIY addicts over at Sheikh Zayed (you know yourselves) are going to love this. No longer will you have to battle your better judgment to make the drive all the way to IKEA in New Cairo, because Sweden's biggest retail brand has just announced plans to open up a new store in Sheikh Zayed, at Mall of Arabia to be exact, AmwalAlGhad reports.  

Five years after IKEA, for which the regional franchsie is owned Majid Al-Futtaim, single-handedly changed how Cairenes shop for furniture, it's now coming back for more with a 20,000 sqm retail space - fully integrated within Mall of Arabia - set to open by 2020.

"As Egypt’s economy recovers, supported by prudent economic policies and initial reforms aimed at addressing the major challenges of recent years, foreign investors and international brands are once again showing interest and confidence in the Egyptian economy,” said Ahmed Badrawi, chief executive of Marakez, the Egyptian arm of Saudi conglomerate Fawaz Alhokair, which owns Mall of Arabia. 

“We are confident IKEA will be a great addition to the development of our second phase at Mall of Arabia and will enhance the visitor experience for all our customers.”

Photo: Ikea in Philippines/Unknown