Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Il Mulino: Wake & Bake!

We've recently had our sensed awakened, navigating Maadi's winding streets, as the unmistakable scent of freshly baked bread and Italian pizza filled the air...

Staff Writer

The word 'fresh' may be the most over used word in Egypt. Whether it is a new store or a restaurant, Egyptian business owners love to tell you that their store is a 'fresh new concept' or that their food is freshly made. The word has become so meaningless that those who actually put the effort into on being an authentically fresh restaurant, is lost in the over-saturated and often misleading Egyptian market.Thankfully, there is a place in Maadi that is returning meaning to word that has long been abused. Opened in 2011, Il Mulino addresses Egypt's “lack of good home-made artisanal food made with prime quality ingredients and without using preservatives, colorants or improvers,” explains one of the owners, Shahir Hosny.

In a short time bread lovers and gourmet foodies have been flocking from all over Cairo for Il Mulino’s unique treats, which is why they’ve has opened a second express location in Maadi Degla's Trolley's supermarket to meet the high demand for their quality products. The key to Il Mulino’s success is its dedication to making everything from scratch, with an emphasis on hygiene and using only the highest quality ingredients available.

More than just your typical Italian restaurant, Il Mulino offers a variety of baked goods, pastries, pizza and trattoria. Beginning at 3am in the morning, their bread programme floods the surrounding streets and their store’s entrance with the beautifully intoxicating aromas of freshly baked bread, while their pet friendly pristine garden is filled with the equally mouthwatering aroma of their grill and pizzas.

Il Mulino’s diverse array of baked breads include baguettes, multi-grain bread, vollkorn, rye, toast, buns and good old fashioned loafs. If you are an appreciator of sandwiches then you will understand how the important role that bread plays in making a memorable snack.

Meanwhile their viennoiseries consist of an assortment of stunning croissants, pains au chocolats, chaussons aux pommes, brioches, and Swiss rolls. The pastries they offer not only looks too good to be real but are on point as Il Mulino carefully tracks trends, and currently in the pastry world, there is much ado about Éclairs. Accompanying them on the pastry line are visually stunning pies, tarts, frangipanes, tiramisu and cantuccini among others.

Obviously, this sounds like an Italian desert lovers paradise but Il Mulino is not a one trick pony, as their kitchen is equipped with “five executive chefs: bakery, pastry, viennoiseries, pizza, trattoria, assisted by 9 sous chefs.” With a team of professionally trained chefs, Il Mulino has deservedly garnered a reputation of being authentically Italian with their pizzas, risottos and antipasti offerings.

No matter what you choose off the menu, Il Mulino guarantees that it will be authentically Italian, freshly prepared and delicious. If you are tired of lowering your gastronomical expectations in Egypt, then visit Il Mulino and take your senses on journey to Italy without ever having to leave Maadi. 

Find out more about Il Mulino on their official Facebook page here.