Monday 30 of January, 2023
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Illusions, Flying & Festivities at the Walk of Cairo

The thing is, Egypt's been missing one thing: a pedestrian high-street lifestyle destination. And at the Walk of Cairo, in the heart of Sheikh Zayed, you'll find everything you've been missing along its 1.5 kilometres.

Staff Writer

The past few weekends it's felt like everyone was strolling through the Walk of Cairo soaking in all the festive fun on offer at their Xmas Street Walks, but if you missed it, not to worry. That was just the seasonal sparkle designed to lure you in to this dazzling new open-air lifestyle destination. It's the sort of place that doesn't so much scream 'all-year fun' as it does gently suggest it; once you see what's there, you'll get it.

The thing is, Egypt's been missing one thing: a pedestrian high-street lifestyle destination. Somewhere you can wander around aimlessly without needing to drive out to the desert, or breathe in noxious car fumes on the sidewalk. We've got an urban lifestyle, we've got nature - as the old saying goes, 'Porque no los dos?' And while all 1.5 kilometres of this Sheikh Zayed locale has been designed with this notion in mind, you'll find it best represented at The Rig, a huge park filled with outdoor food venues and art installations. You can chill out by the amphitheater as it serenades you with live performances. Hot dogs and cheesecake under the sun? Yes please.

While lazing about in the park is an option, it might not be the optimal one, especially if you've got kids on board. They'll want to drag you absolutely everywhere. You can't stop them. And honestly, would you even have the heart to? They've got a petting zoo, for goodness' sake. A parrot and peacock sanctuary at the Tails of Cairo. Egypt's biggest outdoor trampoline park at FLY. A Museum of Illusions! We can keep going, but you get our point.

We want to talk more about the Walk of Cairo, but it's still a work in progress. They've got a number of high-dining destinations lined up, including the likes of Kampai, Seray, L'avenue and Benihana. And if you're less of a foodie and more of a fashionista slash artiste, THE EDITION (all-caps mandatory) are constantly showing off different exhibits, like when they hosted 'Papier Marché' with top local and Lebanese fashion designers back in October - and if you go right now, they're hosting 'Maison 69' until January 11th.