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Imtenan: You Are What You Eat

Just because the summer is drawing to a close, it doesn't mean your fitness and nutrition plans should go downhill. We head to Imtenan for some shopping and come back with improved skin, more energy and even weight loss.

Imtenan has opened almost everywhere and, just like that, we now have an elaborate health food store, with so many options, that were never before present in one place in Egypt. For every ailment imaginable and for every purpose you can think of, there's a product all ready and packaged for your pleasure. With such high quality, and low prices, we imagine Imtenan being a staple in every house, with their products becoming much needed essentials in our daily life.


For your kids and you and every hard working person who exerts so much energy and can't seem to get it in their usual everyday diet, offers a wide array of products available at your disposal. Wheat Germ, Protein Whey and Protein bars, all high in fiber and protein and low in carbs are as perfect for tired parents as they are for gym buffs.


The guilt-free, chemical-free, Imtenan beauty products offers a healthier, environmentally-aware option for the ones who want to keep beautiful without harming the earth. From naturally exfoliating, rich in antioxidants, softening and moisturising soaps, to all different kinds of oils - Jojoba, sweet almond and coconut - for hair, skin, nails, and even joints, the line of comprehensive products make sure you're beautiful inside-out.


These products from Imtenan are a much healthier approach to weight loss, as most of the products sold in pharmacies have proven to be disastrous for health. Imtenan has offers natural solutions such as Chitolite which combines a potent fat absorber, as well as alternative cooking oils with less saturated fat, as well as herbal teas to keep your appetite at bay while providing a massive dose of antioxidants. 

With the recent health food craze Imtenan's recent expansion into having their own stores, couldnt have been at a better time, as people are shying away from the fast and easy, and turning more to the healthy nutritional, feel good, look good options.

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