Sunday December 10th, 2023
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In Search of Seafood

We send our token white guy to give Egypt's legendary seafood dinners a go at Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah's Sud, where Seafood Delight reins supreme every Wednesday...

Staff Writer

As I sat in a taxi waiting to go to yet another food review full of pretentious public relations monkeys air kissing my ass, I couldn't help but wonder what life choices had lead me to this point. I mean, in the big scheme of first world problems, enforced free food and air kissing is just the worst. However, in an effort not to get fired - I decided to brave Sofitel's swanky Sud restaurant for their seafood buffet.

After dragging my scruffy hipster ass inside the hotel's luxurious and ignoring the how-can-I-help you stares from the hotel's staff, my mood switched when I entered the luxurious confines of the Sud restaurant on the hotel's ground floor. The aroma of fish freshly cooked fish with all the trimings, filled the air and I was immediately taken to my seat where my waiter, Mohamed, was happy to recommend a delicious local white wine to get the evening's proceedings underway.

Next up I was my chance to sample the world's biggest* sea food buffet. The spread comprised of everything from Finding Nemo to the Little Mermaid as the hotel's top chefs dished out a selection of the sea's best treats in a supremely appetising manner. For starters I chose the calamari with a side of potatoes and seasonal vegetables along with some hummus. The calamari was tender and the vegetables were crunchy and light and thankfully, not chewy. Next up was the main course - and I certainly wasn't holding back (all in the name of work of course). I loosened my belt and prepared to put the restaurant's 'all-you-can-eat' policy to the test and sampled the fish kebabs, on a light and fluffy bed of rice. More than enough for a normal person, maybe, but not this strapping Irish lad; I managed to also sample the the fish bryani, smoked salmon and a delicious selection of salads and sauces.

As the waiter poured my second glass of wine (he insisted, honest), I sat there taking in the Nile view and pondering the rather tasty platter. In honesty, the food was excellent, the service second to none and the knowledge of the hotel's staff was superior.

Finally, after a quick chat with Chris, the hotel's marketing guru, no air-kissing included, it was time for dessert. Much like the rest of the evening, the selection was varied and the results: a whole pile of yum. I opted for two of the super tasty chocolate mousses, and a "couple" (don't judge me) of the brownies. By the time I had finished the third course, everybody was looking uncomfortably at their watches, probably wondering if I would ever leave. Thankfully, I did eventually wander back out into the cold Cairo evening air - but I will definitely be back.

The weekly seafood spread at Sofitel is not to be missed (and no, I actually mean it - it was very tasty indeed) and it comes highly recommended on my part. It even managed to cheer up this jaded reviewer for a few hours so maybe it can change your life too.

Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah's Seafood Delight buffet at Sud is held every Wednesday. For more information, join their Facebook fan page here or follow @SofitelCairoEG on Twitter.