Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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In the Fashion Zone

A new fashion blog based in Egypt has emerged, shedding a spotlight on everything from runway shows to highstreet stores.

Staff Writer

Although definitely not the first person to try their hand at fashion blogging in Egypt, Murad Allam does seem to be doing it the right way with his new venture Fashion Zone. A subsidiary of Compass Advertising, the website hopes to shine a light on the region's fashion sensibilities with the latest news, events and trends updated regularly on the site. After ten years of experience in the fashion retail market in Egypt, including stints at Nike and H&M, Allam knows the industry here still needs a lot of work. "Egypt is disappointing right now, as we should be the fashion capital of the Middle East but the truth is that we're still far away from leading the fashion industry in the region," he explains. But hopefully, with websites like his, he feels it can act as a catalyst for more interest in all things frivolous and stylish." I see Fashion Zone, in the next 3 to 5 years, getting international recognition and hopefully it will be the biggest fashion consultancy in Egypt."

The website which recently covered Vogue's Fashion Dubai Experience includes content on new shop openings, fashion shows and new collections with online partnerships with retail outlets such as Esprit, JB Collection and Accessorize.