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Inbox: A Wonderland of Colourful Furniture

Just when you thought furniture couldn't get quirkier comes a local brand ready to inject your home with technicoloured whimsy...

If the rainbow made a baby with an artist and the strange offspring that came about as a result of this union was on acid, that might come close to describing the aesthetic of funky furniture brand Inbox. Although there’s also a heavy vintage influence in many of the pieces; but the primary characteristic of this cool brand is colour. So. Much. Colour. It’s like Crayola on crack and it’s absolutely amazing.

The brand, which was founded by artist Sally Bardisi, is entirely handmade locally and every single piece is a major statement maker. Inbox started out as just small storage units to hold all the various knick-knacks we all have littered around our homes but soon developed into a full-blown design brand, creating a myriad of pieces.

Couches are injected with splashes of colour, drawers are painted over with intricate designs, and even basic pieces like lamps have a vibrant, unique twist and come in the form of mannequins decked out in outlandish, quirky outfits. The entire store is kitsch to say the least, but in the best way possible. Plus they customise stuff to suit your taste exactly. And they’ve got some amazing vintage vibes going on – vintage reworked with a wildly eclectic touch.

Look at this amazing typewriter. Look at it. We’ve never wanted to type so badly in our lives and trust us we hate typing; we do it all day, every day.

There’s so much quirkiness we can’t even.

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @inboxhouse.