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Inside The First House in Cairo Made Entirely Out of Recycled Concrete

Timur El Hadid ditched his Zamalek life for a plot of land in the desert in pursuit of his life-long dream.

Timur Hadidi Recycled house in Cairo

The January 25th revolution was when it all started. Inspired and emboldened to take initiative, Taimur El Hadidi decided to pursue his dream of a greener and more sustainable life, ditching his Zamalek apartment and purchasing a plot of land in an area known as the 'Green Revolution', located on Cairo's outskirts in Sheikh Zayed.

Six years is how long it took him to bring his vision of a house made entirely out of recycled concrete to life, a pursuit in which no trees were cut down and no living creature displaced. El Hadidi takes us on a tour of the house and land which he plans to turn into a pioneering eco-tourism project in the area, which is suitably located at the halfway point between Sphinx Airport, Pyramids of Giza and Old Cairo.

Video by MO4Network