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It's An All-Egyptian Final At The British Open Squash Championship

Nour El Sherbini an Nouran Gohar - two of Egypt's top-ranking squash players -are about to go head to head for the British Open Squash Championship title today, while Ramy Ashour takes on Mohamed El Shorbag, making it a historically all-Egyptian championship.

It seems that a British Open Squash Championship title is in the cards for Egypt after all, as two of the country’s top squash players have just qualified for the final round of the prestigious tournament that takes place today, according to Ahram Online.

Nour El Sherbini beat formidable opponent, five-time champion Nicol David of Malaysia, and Nouran Gohar beat incumbent champion Camille Serme of France on Saturday March 26th, 2016.       

Winning the British Open Final holds historical significance, as it would mark Egypt’s first ever Women’s British Open Squash Championship title.    

"I've been trying since 2012 to get back to the final of the most prestigious event on tour and I finally did it," El Sherbini said on her Facebook page. "Happy with my performance and hopefully one last push tomorrow."

The win would also mark the first Women's British Open title for Nour El Sherbini, who has broken records and made history in the sport since the age of six

Egypt also dominates the men’s category with three-time former World Champion Ramy Ashour all set to face off with fellow Egyptian title-holder Mohamed El Shorbag in the Men’s British Open Squash Championship final tonight.

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