Wednesday March 29th, 2023
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Izumi? Yummy!

CairoScene goes out for some tasty team building at Izumi, the new sushi restaurant at the gorgeous Dusit Thani Hotel, located in New Cairo.

Staff Writer

On Saturday, we decided that we had enough of not doing anything because of the damn curfew, and planned to do a little team building over sushi. And we were in luck - Izumi has just opened at the Dusit Thani hotel in the Fifth Settlement and it promised authentic, fresh sushi in one of our favourite five-star hangouts. 

The atmosphere is very clean, open, and overlooks the dramatic lobby with all its marble pillars and sparkling chandeliers. As we perused the menu filled with authentic Japanese offerings, as well as some unique creations we've never seen anywhere else, we realise that the chef is actually rolling the sushi in a station set up right in the centre of the restaurant. This is always a good sign, as it allows diners to see just how clean the kitchen is, and also reassures them that the chef rolling the sushi is indeed Asian.

The meal began with an avacodo and salmon salad topped with caviar, and dressed with a sweet vinegarette. Simply put, it was fresh and light and almost worth coming back for alone. There was way too many options to decide from, so we asked the chef to make us special plates that would best represent the menu. The sashimi was your standard fare of salmon, tuna and white fish. It was delicious, though a little unevenly sliced. The absolute knock-out, though, was what they called the New Cairo Roll. At first sight, we weren't sure what to make of it as it was a sushi roll wrapped in konafa. Upon biting down, however, the roll begins to dance all over your tongue as the crunchy and slightly sweetened konafa provides an interesting texture that immediately sends signals to your brain to eat more.

Another stand-out was the Crazy Salmon Roll. A fiery explosion of spicy salmon topped with fresh chili struck a very tasty balance. Their California Roll was also very interesting as instead of a piece of crab, the roll was stuffed with a crab puree, which ensured that you would taste it in every bite. To complete matters, the ginger and wasabi that were on table were amongst the freshest we have ever seen and guarantees that every piece of sushi is sauced just the way you like it.

Overall, Izumi provided a very welcoming change from the fast food-style sushi that's unfortunately taken over the Cairo dining scene. Izumi is quite the opposite and if you miss good, real sushi, then this should be your next destination for your taste buds.

Find out more about Izumi and Dusit Thani on their Facebook page here and follow @DusitCairo on Twitter.