Sunday September 24th, 2023
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Cairenes are getting inked and there's a new studio in town...

Staff Writer

The craze of people getting inked in this country has reached new levels. If you’ve ever sat in the 10 beauty playground in Zamalek, the wall is flooded with designs of eager (badass) Egyptians ‘expressing’ themselves through their tattoo designs.

From Chinese symbols to more Chinese symbols to 20 to 30 different designs for the word ‘Hope’ with angel wings, it’s easy to see that the taboo of being an Egyptian and getting inked is fading despite the lack of creativity.

Hopping on this new trend is Deviant Subkulture. They’ve turned the ‘c’ in culture into a ‘k’ so you know they must be krazy kats. They seem to be the real deal offering up tattoos at reasonable prices for all the sadists among us. They’re keeping their location ‘undisclosed’ for now but it’s based in a beautiful Zamalek apartment, aiming to make the inking experience to be as comfortable as possible. “At the end of the day people want to be a bit f***ed up when they get a tattoo so we encourage people to bring friends, booze, their iPods or anything you want so you can chill out and have fun for the few hours you’re getting inked,” says the founder who again, is ‘undisclosed’ for the time being.

Every month or so, the studio will be hosting tattoo artists from all over the world to join their resident. Each will be chosen for their expertise in a particular style starting off with one of the Middle East’s best, Fareed Hatter from Jordan.

Deviant are kicking off proceedings with a Bondage themed launch party this Friday for people to come, get wasted, meet some cool people, maybe get some ink and basically piss of Morsi. Sounds lovely. There’ll also be a mini exhibition by Sawi Photography so if you know the owners or where the studio is, you’re welcome to attend.

You can follow up with Deviant Subkulture through their Facebook Fanpage here