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Klim is inviting all you ladies out there to send us the stories of the most inspirational women in your lives for a chance to win a weekend at the gorgeous Sofitel Old Cataract in Aswan.

We all have those women in our lives who inspire us; that girlfriend who stands by us after a breakup when we're just curled up on a rug shoveling ice cream in our mouths. Or the mom who somehow magically always just sorts everything out in a fraction of the time you'd take to do it half as well. Or the entirely inappropriate grandma whose lack of a filter is inspiring in and of itself – there are loads of them.

Klim, that perfect powdered milk that keeps women healthy and stuff, wants you to celebrate that woman in your life by sharing their story for the chance to win a weekend for the two of you at the Sofitel Old Cataract in Aswan.

The way the contest works is pretty simple. Through a private message on Facebook, send Klim a picture of the woman who's inspired you or been a role model in your life. They'll send you back the photo in a template. Now to enter the contest, you just take that photo they've returned to you, post it on your wall with the hashtag #KLIMSTRONG and explain why the lovely lady in the picture in an inspirational figure in your existence.

They'll be searching Facebook using the hashtag, so don’t forget to include it, and their favourite story will win that luxurious trip to Aswan. There, the two of you can bask in the sun while the losers stuck in Cairo endure the cold, and you can drink margaritas and stuff your faces with food, and catch up on gossip. Or at least, that's our plan if we win.  

First off, hats off it to Klim, because girl power! If the Spice Girls taught us anything, it's that. Secondly, it's still so warm in Aswan, so we really wanna win this thing. And third, question, Klim, does our best friend who held our hair and cleaned up our puke after a rough night, and promised to grow old with us as spinster cat ladies who threw water balloons at children count as an inspirational figure? We'll see.

You can head to their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @klimegypt