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Kanye Errywhere

Do you really like Kanye West? And we mean really REAAAAAALLLYYYY like Kanye West? Then we have good news for you.

Sometimes when we look at our desktop we get sad. Look at all those meaningless unorganized generic icons. You click on one and it takes ages to load up and you're still just sitting there staring into the abyss of a pixellated mess. Why, oh why, can't someone just spice things up, make your computer life more edgy, more trendy, more charismatic? Why can't someone just turn all our desktop icons into Kanye West's face for instance? Yes, that would be highly functional and entertaining. Oh wait, what's this? There actually is a new computer application created by F.A.T. Labs  that transforms all of your desktop icons into a variety of Kanye West faces. Thank the lord his elephantine ego has now transcended into the digital world, and our everyday lives. This is the best thing to happen since Gizoogle.

Find out how to 'Kanyefy Your Dock' here.