Thursday December 7th, 2023
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Kate Upton's Best Moments

We celebrate Kate Upton's glorious 22 years on earth by highlighting some of her most "accomplished feats."

Staff Writer

Yesterday Kate Upton turned 22. For such a young age the voluptuous starlet has already achieved so much. Today we celebrate her feats of human triumph. If you are at work, turn your screen towards yourself now. This might take a while...

The time she proved that a burger from Hardee’s is the best you’ll ever have.

The time she did the cat daddy.  

The time she defied gravity.

The time her boobs bounced for 10 whole hours. 

The time she dared you to keep eye contact.

The time she did the Dougie sitting down and still made it sexy as heck. 

The time she showed you her Easter bunnies.

The time she flawlessly danced to Hot Chip (with clothes on unfortunately).