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Kawket Releases All-Natural, Organic Coronavirus Disinfectant Kit

Kawket’s all-natural and organic Daily Disinfectant Kit means you don’t have to compromise between being environmentally friendly and fighting the Coronavirus.

kawket natural disinfectant

A lot of us may be hiding from the Coronavirus, but there's no getting away from infection anxiety. And it's understandable to think that with the pandemic being such a big emergency, staying environmentally-friendly might go down in your list of priorities - but one Egyptian local bodycare brand is showing us we don't have to choose between them. They're assuaging our viral fears with an all-natural, organic Daily Disinfectant Kit that consists of sanitisers for your skin, your kitchen and your food. 

Kawket was originally a natural bodycare and eco-care brand founded in 2018, and it has recently begun to make its presence known in the kitchen cleaning market. Now they offer all-natural dish soap, and organic soap specifically made for cleaning fruits and vegetables. They are also releasing new disinfectant hydrogen peroxide - a safe alternative to chlor-based products, which are harsh on the skin - that are just as eco-friendly, and can be used to disinfect and clean kitchen surfaces.

The products are all gentle on the skin, but use raw, sourced material that’s incredibly effective in getting rid of dirt. They also come in different natural scents that can turn that Coronavirus-disinfecting chore into just a little bit more of a pleasure.

The process of making these products involves returning to Egyptian folklore and pharmaceutical traditions that were historically more attuned with nature. Eco-friendly and free of harsh, artificial chemicals, these traditions make use of the abundance of resources that exist among Egypt’s raw materials. 

As a bonus: Kawket delivers its products citywide, so you can DM your orders while staying home and safe.