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Keji’s Peruvian-Japanese Eid Feast by the Nile is Everything You Need in Life

So you're saying we can get a taste of Peru and Japan while chilling by the Nile for Eid?

You know how travelling the world is basically the life goal of every human on the planet? Do you also know how often this goal is instantly crushed and moves on to live as a fragment of our imagination - along with a whole bunch of things we wished we could do but can't for some reason? Instead, we go out and hunt for the places in town that can offer us the closest thing to wherever it is we want to go. Clearly understanding our frustration, Peruvian-Japanese dining and pub palace Keji is relaunching its gaiety of festivities and exclusive dining experience beginning the second day of Eid.

Located in the sunset boat along the banks of the Giza Nile, Keji has planned a feast infused with flavours from tropical Peru and oriental dishes straight from Japan. And we’re talking food intricately created by a Peruvian chef who has designed a new menu packed with sushi favourites and dishes that will make all of the fasting we just did totally worth it. After the country-wide drought of Ramadan, Keji will also be opening its bar at 10pm so you can forget all of the calories you just ate at dinner. You’re welcome.

But of course, Keiji wouldn’t just let you leave without a little entertainment for Eid. Throughout the whole week, the boat will be lit up to remind you exactly of how you used to dine and wine. So while all of your friends head out of the country or go to Sahel, you can totally live it up along the Nile pretending you’re in the orient! Make sure you reserve by calling 01093265311.

Check out Keji on Facebook and Instagram.

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