Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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Kenni Salon des Fleurs: Transcending the Craft

Roses are red, violets are blue; rhyming is hard, but so is going flower shopping for you. Well, not anymore!

Staff Writer

We at CairoScene have always felt conflicted about flowers; on the one hand, they look nice and pretty and they smell great, but on the other, we can't eat them, so what good are they, really? Well, that's until Kenni Salon des Fleurs came and changed our minds; Egypt finally has a flower shop that has something for everyone, even smart women who don’t fall for trite cliché romantic gestures! We mean, we still can't eat them but we're slowly getting over that issue.

Kenni Salon des Fleurs offers a wide variety of flower arrangements, seasonal flowers, and ornamental grass no one can resist - even your emasculating ex-wife who makes three times more money than you! Flowers are ethereally beautiful in and of their own; they symbolise proud and glorious femininity, so we understand how you would think Kenni Salon des Fleurs is just another flower shop. We're sorry, but it’s not. Artisanal flower arrangement and bouquet assembly is an art that Kenni Salon des Fleurs transcends with unique concepts - from rainbow-coloured flowers to sparkly sprinkled flowers. You will never run out of options! Check out Kenni Salon des Fleurs on Facebook and Instagram