Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Kick Back at the Clubhouse

The gorgeous Le Lido Clubhouse in the City View compound on the Alexandria desert road is offering a very tempting set-up this Ramadan, which includes a Ramadan Kheima featuring their delicious menu, huge World Cup screens and much more!

Staff Writer

In a kingdom far, far away, and by this we mean on the Alexandria Desert Road (but before the toll stations, not after, don’t fret) there lies a compound by the name of City View. When you get there, enter the gates, and drive up a freaking mountain for like ten minutes, you'll finally come across their seriously gorgeous Le Lido Clubhouse, which actually looks more like the beautiful mansion of a Very Rich Person with great taste as opposed to a clubhouse. Maybe they were channeling country club?

Its interior may just deserve a spot in Architectural Digest and it’s got gorgeous grounds, all lush greenery and perfect swimming pools. The clubhouse also houses Al Sagheer (salon AND spa) and possibly even more important than that, they have Starbucks to deliver your daily caffeine fix. But it's Ramadan now, the pools go unused, and though you fiendishly crave caffeine every morning, sadly you have to just attempt to quell those urges.

However, the clubhouse has a load of stuff planned for this Holy Month. They've got a whole Ramadan Kheima set up, and judging by the food we've tried there before, it's bound to be good. In perhaps even more mouthwatering news, Crave (yes, they have Crave there as well) will be serving both Iftars and Sohours at their place. We've been craving that incomparable chocolate fondant for days now. Konafa's good and all, but sometimes you need some goddamn chocolate. Melted on the inside. And topped with ice cream. Just saying.

Anyhoo, the Clubhouse has also got your Ramadan game staples covered, with tawla sets, cards, and most importantly, shisha, all set up so you can kick back with some friends, smoke some bubbly, and spend the inevitable five hours of tarneeb-playing time. If you happen to tire of this Ramadan ritual, they've also got PlayStations and, almost as important as any Ramadan staple (or possibly even more so) they'll be screening the World Cup on super-sized screens in the garden.

So if you happen to like good food, shisha, the World Cup, and enjoying all of it in the fresh air in a nature-laden place, then you should head over Le Lido Clubhouse sometime this Ramadan…

You can check out their Facebook page here.