Monday 5 of December, 2022
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L'Auberge Lounge: Nostalgia at Its Finest in the Heart of Heliopolis

This lush Heliopolis venue immerses its patrons in a mix of classic nightlife and fine dining.

Staff Writer

In a sea of loud hip clubs and trendy bars, it's often too hard to find a place akin to the good old days; think black and white film, well-dressed guys and gals draped in the finest threads, three-piece suits and soirée dresses, five-star dinner and a quality show to boot. Those were the days.

Thankfully, none of that has to stay in the past thanks to the rich, vintage atmosphere and setting L'Auberge Lounge Bar is proud to provide to those looking for a more ritzy vibe when it comes to their wining and dining. L'Auberge Lounge Bar, nestled peacefully in the unique and classical architecture of Heliopolis, offers patrons premium and authentic ambiance with a healthy dose of retro interior design.

The venue enjoys a fine selection of drinks to keep your spirits up as you enjoy any of the lively events they routinely host and eagerly provide if you have a special occasion coming up (or you just wanna have a private party for the hell of it), in addition to their phenomenal assortment of international cuisine as well as local favourites, with many a happy customer singing songs about their signature Sushi. And when it comes to service, L'Auberge's staff are some of the most accommodating and pleasant servers eager to cater to your every whim, L'Auberge certainly knows that quality service makes a dedicated customer.

It's always good to see the kind of variety Egypt's nightlife has on offer for us weary Cairenes, and with upscale, vintage spots like L'Auberge, the night can stay young for as long as it wants.