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LOL-ing with Russell Peters Ahead of His Stand-Up Show in Cairo

The world-renowned comedian has been working on new material for his ‘Act Your Age’ world tour and Egypt will get a first peek at it.

For a country that loves to laugh, Egypt is still quite lacking when it comes to stand-up comedy - which is why Russell Peters’ upcoming performance in Cairo has the whole city buzzing.

Taking place on December 17th and 18th at ZED Park, the two nights are part of the world renowned comedian’s ‘Act Your Age’ world tour, which will see him in his native Canada, the US, the UK and more.

We sat down with the jokester on his arrival in Cairo to find out more about a tour that reflects a strange and scary time in his or anyone’s life:  the realisation that it’s time to become an adult - to act your age, so to speak.

The ‘Act Your Age’ tour has been brought to Egypt by the folks at R Productions and Al Hezb El Comedy - get your tickets on TicketsMarche.