Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Lakeyard Hits Sahel

A kalediscope of colours, fun, food, furniture and fashion comes to Hacienda Bay courtesy of Blink and Palm Hills...

Staff Writer

Lakeyard Hits Sahel

A few months ago, the Crates & Containers Market hit Cairo and caused a veritable sensation in the city with its artsy, funky take on the typical bazaar. And now, as the annual summer exodus to Sahel starts, the same Palms Hills Developments crew behind it, teaming up with the powerhouse that is Blink Marketing Solution are hitting the seaside with another all-out art-infused extravaganza, Lakeyard. Held at Hacienda Bay, the month-long mart has literally every single brand humanly imaginable in this city setting up shop on the shore.

They have a flurry of food brands bringing munchies; everything from Mince’s juicy burger creations, to Mori’s sumptuous sushi rolls; the sugar-coma amazingness of The Batter Half to the Egyptian street eats that Kazouza masters. So whether you’re craving Mexican (thank you Gringo’s Burritos) or feeling an Italian food fetish (hey there Tutti Matti), Lakeyard literally has your taste buds totally covered. And let’s be honest; we all work all year round to nab that formet el Sahel so that when we’re actually in Sahel, we can screw the damn diet and feast like the kings we think we are. Because come on, we just spent a month doing some serious fasting and all we’re looking forward to at this point is sipping on some fruity fresh juices while indulging in a cheese-loaded pizza, WHILE THE SUN IS STILL OUT.

But not to worry you sartorial citizens, there’s also fashion galore as The Pop Up Shop, Nada Akram, Nile Eyewear, The Sahara Collection and loads more all bring their signature style to the seaside. And then there’s your randomly awesome brands: Dokan Boutique whose funky furniture is perfect for beach homes on the North Coast, EgyPuppy for your pooches, and Surf Shop for the sporty fiends out there.

Dokan Boutique

All of this is set up in a giant lakeside space but of course, it’s no ordinary market. It’s got its signature stamp of edgy summer cool about it, all giant shipping containers in electric Skittle shades and tires painted Barbie pink and teal blue. Also, we got a sneak peek at the setup and there’s a random yellow school bus. Like…because what would the coolest market on the coast be without a renovated school bus set up on the beach? We don’t know why it’s there but we’re so glad it is because hey, we always love us some random school buses. The entire setup is insanely Instagrammable and y’all know how we adore Instagrammable spots. Call us basic, but you know you do too.

The Magic School Bus?

So whatever you’re in the mood for, whether you want to fill up your North Coast chalet with amazing summery pieces, or fill up your tummy with tasty treats, or even get a whole freaking summer wardrobe, Lakeyard is most definitely the place to hit up this summer. The place opens up TONIGHT but you’ve got all summer to pop by!

You can find out more about the event here.