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Lara Scandar to Perform in Your Bedroom

In the first ever interactive digital concert in the Middle East, the Arab world's Pop princess makes history this evening.

So often we have laid down in the middle of the night, snuggled in our Lara Scandar themed duvet, taking in the scent of our homemade Lara Scandar candle as we sigh, staring longingly at our Lara Scandar poster, dreaming that it would come to life. She would pop out of the poster and ghany ma3ana. We would pillow fight, fire off confetti cannons and of course wash each other's hair with Herbal Essence.

Finally our dreams may just be coming true. The Arab world's Pop darling will be making music history with the first ever live digital concert in the Middle East happening tonight, 14th December, at 8PM. The Love and Forget project by Herbal Essence will see be an online interactive performance where viewers can actually engage with her live across the region, and we can watch her sing live just for us from the comfort of our bedrooms.

'Concertgoers' can give immediate feedback, like clap virtually, request special songs, cheer and message the singer. During the concert, Lara will also be debut exclusively her latest single, along with four never-heard-before Arabic covers. “I’m really excited for the world to hear my latest single, which I have been working on for a while, as well the Arabic classics we covered,” Scandar explained. Unfortunately there will be no opportunities to digitally wash each other's hair but we can still dream.

The concert will be on To attend, click on the link and request a ticket.

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