Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Leaf Animals is Egypt's First Pet Adoption Website

Leaf Animals isn't a shelter - rather, it's an online platform that helps shelters, organisations and individuals bring some attention to their rescued animals, and find them a new home.

Cairo Scene

Some have roamed the streets and fields of Egypt for generations. Others were abandoned, left to fend for themselves or perish. No matter how they got there, Egypt's stray cats and dogs have become an all-too-large part of the country's ecosystem. While rescue centres attempt to shelter these animals, it is almost never enough - not enough exposure, not enough visibility, or simply not enough people. Hoping to help carry that weight is Leaf Animals, an online platform based in Egypt that helps find rescued animals and pets a new home, all while raising awareness on the benefits of adopting, fostering and sponsoring animals.

Founded by Tanya El Kashef and Amina El Shazly - the latter of whom completed a masters on Egyptian Baladi dogs in 2019, shortly before launching Leaf Animals - the platform allows organisations and individuals to upload an animal that they've rescued but are unable to keep for themselves. Once uploaded, the rescue is advertised on their website and all through their social media pages in order to reach as many people as possible. Anyone who is interested in adopting or fostering these pets will be able to easily apply through their website. And if you can't keep a pet but still want to help, Leaf Animals allows users to sponsor an animal, or even just donate by buying them a bone.

Leaf Animals has partnered with a wide range of organisations and stores like The Pets Corner, Purrbark and more, all of whom support their cause by offering special prices and discounts. To help one of these creatures turn over a new leaf in life, you can visit their website at