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‘Lelet El Banat’ is the Perfect Card Game For a Girls’ Night In

Lelet El Banat is a card game that was adapted from the American game ‘For the Girls’, and localised with the Egyptian woman in mind.

Girl's Night Out is SO 2019. What we really need is a Girls' Night In, a way to chill with the squad at the end of a long week. And here to spice up our evening is 'Lelet El Banat', the first-ever Egyptian card game tailored especially for women. Localized from the American game 'For the Girls', Lelet el Banat was launched in July 2020 by best friends Lara Alashmawy and Nour Ibrahim as a form of entertainment during quarantine, and features all sorts of questions and challenges that are women-specific.

Lelet El Banat lets you and you BFFs roll the dice to play one of five categories: truth or dare, ‘Ana 3omry Ma’ (the localized version of ‘Never Have I Ever’),  the King (where you choose which player is THE BEST at a certain thing, like shopping or honesty - although shouldn't it be called 'The Queen'?), Mafeesh Wa2t (a rapid fire game where you list everything you can think of under a specific category), and finally 'Meen Aktar 7ad’, where you determine who's the most likely to do whatever.

“We wanted to create a game that has tailored questions and challenges that a lot of women will relate to and enjoy,” Elashmawy tells CairoScene. “It allows female friend grounds to start conversations, joke and be completely themselves and at ease in a safe space.”

Elashmawy and Ibrahim are hoping to launch more games in the future. ‘Lelet El Banat’ is available on their Instagram page.

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