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Life Coach Mohamed Fadel’s Memoir Documents the Story of an Introvert Becoming a Leader

Egyptian author, personal coach and youth leader advocate Mohamed Fadel’s debut book 'Grayscale: A Memoir of an Introverted Leader' tells his life story of working through extreme introversion.

“I evolved from being put into places where I was very uncomfortable, I couldn’t even talk in front of two people before."

For some, introversion is a trait that can bring you serenity and peace. But when you need to be a leader, being too much of an introvert can be a crippling obstacle. Mohamed Fadel spoke with CairoScene about his journey from a shy teen to the president of a global youth movement representing over 40,000 young people, which has all been documented in his new book, 'Grayscale: A Memoir of an Introverted Leader'.

"I had a journey of growth and knowing yourself, and it was very intense. I want to help people with my knowledge, it is what lights a fire within me. I want to talk about leadership from a human side— to be a leader is to be a human,” Fadel told CairoScene.

Before he became a personal coach and youth leadership advocate, Fadel got his start as a writer when he met one of his favourite authors, Simon Sinek, who encouraged him to pursue a writing career.

“I joined AIESEC since 2012, I was the Global President based in Montreal when I was elected at 24-years-old,” Fadel said. When he returned to Egypt after two and a half years, he found work in a company, but decided to leave it months later to pursue his passions.

"The book is called Grayscale because of how I used to see things in black and white, right and wrong," Fadel said. "You don’t have to be this or that, you can be somewhere in the spectrum in between."

The book is due for release on July 14th, and will be free on Amazon for three days digitally, but will also be available for paperback through

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