Wednesday 1 of February, 2023
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Little Blessings Bring Your Kids' Dream Rooms to Life

Little Blessings gives your children the chance to design their own dream rooms!

Staff Writer

We don't often think about just how important it is to give a child choices, and how letting them express themselves with the space around them can have an incredible effect on their development. This is the concept behind Little Blessings, founded by Ahmed Roushdy and his wife, Yara El Kawass.

Roushdy and El Kawass started Little Blessings after they tried to design a room for their son, Zain, and let him be part of the process. They wanted him to decide what he wanted to do with his own room, which inspired them to provide a service that can give all kids the chance to do so. "Choices are important. We work with parents and kids to let them choose what they want in their rooms," El Kawass said. "It makes them feel ownership of their rooms."

Roushdy added that when kids get a say in how their room looks, it makes them feel more comfortable, and makes them feel like their space is truly theirs. He also commented on the fact that choosing their space gives kids a sense of safety: "Our service also helps kids who are struggling to sleep in their rooms. Once the room is designed, the way they want it to be, it makes them sleep in their own rooms instead of their parents' rooms."

When we asked El Kawass about the kinds of designs she had seen kids come up with, she praised their amazing creativity and spoke about the fact that we often underestimate their capability to come up with wonderfully innovative and imaginative ideas.

Little Blessings currently offer design services for wallpapers, curtains and bed sets, as well as bean bags, cushions and puffs. They plan to launch lighting and wood design services soon. We loved this cool concept, and how it keeps in mind kids' needs and the importance of giving them authority over their personal spaces. To find out more, check out their websiteFacebook and Instagram pages.