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Local Brand Well World Makes Sustainable All-Natural Homecare Products

Well World, the two-month old cleaning detergent brand born out of quarantine, makes cleaning products that does away with harmful chemicals like chlorine or hydrogen peroxide.

well world

There's an edge of well-deserved desperation when it comes to cleaning our homes, especially considering the literal pandemic. We gotta stay safe, after all. With that cleanliness however comes a negative impact on your breathing and skin health - at least, if you use the kind of products that expose you to strong chemicals like chlorine or hydrogen peroxide. Well World, the two-month old cleaning detergent brand born out of quarantine, has found a way to stay hygienic and chemical-free with their all-new line of natural cleaning products.

“I’ve been using natural body products for two years, but after the pandemic I saw a spike in how chlorine was used everywhere to clean," Hana Gamal Mansour, founder of Well World, told CairoScene. "I didn’t want to use that in my home because the smell makes it difficult for me to breathe, so I tried my hand at making natural cleaning products— and they worked.”

Well World’s product line includes all the cleaning essentials like dish soap, dishwasher powder, floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, laundry detergent and more. Instead of using harmful and strong chemicals, her products opt for ingredients like baking soda, organic soap and essential oils that are equally potent.

“When I started to create these products I realized a huge passion I didn’t know I had," Mansour said. "I want to share that with other people and motivate them to use natural substitutes in their homes, which is why I turned it from a hobby into Well World.”

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