Thursday June 1st, 2023
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Looker Lockers But Make it Stylish

‘My Locker’ is French-German Louisa Fink’s addition to the Cairene interior decor scene, offering a unique selection of lockers in every shape and colour imaginable. Within reason, of course.

Farah Ibrahim

When you think of a locker room you’ll likely imagine a sweaty, crowded gym room with socks littered haphazardly everywhere except where they’re supposed to be. While that’s often true, this stereotype robs the humble locker of much of its potential. What has been largely reserved for changing rooms and school hallways is actually a pretty dope interior decor item. In fact, lockers are widely used in Europe as a functional, minimal, and stylish piece of furniture— a trend that French-German Louisa Fink, founder of ‘My Locker’, hopes to import to Egypt.

“It’s very common to see lockers and metal furniture in Europe. It’s easy, practical and gives that sleek, modern look,” Fink tells #CairoScene. “In Egypt, people tend to lean more towards classical decor, but with international brands like IKEA and the growing design community people have started looking outwards to modern design. That meant that a market opened up for furniture pieces like lockers, which I haven’t seen being sold here before.”

Despite having no background as an interior designer, Fink’s love of modern design pushed her to launch ‘My Locker’, a furniture shop that specialises entirely in lockers. You can find all sorts of different spins on the traditional steel locker in a range of colours, from small, vibrant storage lockers for kids, to two-door consoles, to weighty locker wardrobes. The best part is, they’re all manufactured in Egypt.

If you’re down to introduce some metal into your space, you can order your next furniture piece through their DMs at