Friday 9 of December, 2022
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Love Locks Decorate Cairo's Kasr El Nile Bridge in Parisian Fashion

Cairo's Kasr El Nile bridge has been adorned with love locks sealing the country's romances together. We have locked our fate with our Arabic sister site Al Scene and our secret crush Haifa Wehbe.

Staff Writer

The love lock craze that has resulted in the adorning of the architecture of several cities all around the world, most notably the Pont Des Arts bridge in Paris with little locks carrying the names of lovers on them as a symbol of eternal love, has finally made it to Cairo.

Photo: Mantiqti

After the renovation of the Kasr El Nile bridge, love locks started to appear all over the structure, and in the fashion of the great tradition, the locks had the names of two lovers written on them and we have to say it is extremely adorable.

Photo: Mantiqti

The tradition came to Egypt first in Alexandria, in December of last year, when Foffa and J locked their love on the railing of the Stanley Bridge but were met with a tidal wave of ridicule on social media. It seems that this time, however, Egyptians are much more receptive and welcoming of the declarations of love, as evidenced by the fact that there are now several locks on the iconic bridge.

The tradition was rejected by the government in France on the grounds that people were destroying the nation’s heritage, but it only ended up proliferating it further and spreading the love to several other locations. Who knows how long your locks will be on Kasr El Nile but we hope your love lasts forever.We added our own locks to the mix; one for our new sister site Al Scene, and one for the one that got away, Haifa, who has only had unkind words to tweet about us in the past. Our compilation of her tweets can be found here.

Photos by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions
Photography by Ezz El Masry