Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Lumia in Lapland

To prove just how awesome the new Lumia range is, Nokia took Timmy Mowafi on a Nordic adventure over to their homeland of Finland. The result? Mind blowing photos and a new understanding of Finnish innovation...

Staff Writer

I'm currently writing from the top floor of an art deco villa in the middle of nowhere. The view through the floor-to-ceiling window in front of me is nothing but miles and miles of smooth white snow and birch tree forrest. The trees are aligned so meticulously as if purposely farmed and cropped this way by an omnipotent entity. The sun blares into the Narnia-esque forest from the west, fractals of light cleanly bouncing from branch to branch… photosynthesis has never looked so cool.

Looking at man and nature as one, a symbiotic relationship influencing each other, the Finnish are the most transparent manifestation of their own ancient surroundings. Solid and unassuming, un-chaotic and composed with an innate touch of magic that makes beautiful design look like optimum functionality and vice versa. They have an absolute understanding of how we go along with our lives and how to innovate surroundings to adapt and work for us. They have a whole museum dedicated to this boarding on sacred part of their design culture. Things over there just basically work as they should, intuitively.

Nokia, Finland's favourite tech son's Lumia phone range encompasses all that they're about and more, as if carved right from the spirit of the trees that stand before me, also feeding on light with their own form of artistic technological photosynthesis. With the Lumia 1020's unparalleled 41-megapixel camera, I went about Lapland, capturing the essence of what makes both Finnish nature and design so spectacular and in return what makes this phone, just as worthy. Possibly the greatest phone camera ever invented featuring incredible low-light capabilities, image stabiliser, 1080 HD video and much, much more under the hood including the ability to create animated GIFs with the Nokia Cinemagraph as well as sequenced action shots.

Sat in a Jacuzzi after ice water swimming with a group from all over the world Nokia’s former motto of ‘Connecting People’ never seemed so apt. The moon so full and magnified, it was basically bathing with us, in the middle of a snowy desert, a cool beer in one hand and the Northern Lights subtly gleaming in the distance, the communications manager of Nokia jokes, "to be fair you just don't get this kind of experience with any other phone." He's probably right.

All photos taken with the Nokia Lumia.

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