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MJ Screws Fulham from the Grave

King of Pop makes Fulham Flop...

Former Fulham FC owner Mohamed Al Fayed has blamed the club's Bad performance on the removal of a Michael Jackson statue from outside their home ground, a move he was asked to make by the club's new owner Shahid Khan. The Egyptian businessman believes that the removal of the statue from outside Craven Cottage was not only Dangerous but ultimately lead to the club's relegation from the English Premier League last weekend. And the Harrods owner wasn't shy in telling the world how the news made him feel. He said: "This statue was a charm and we removed the luck from the club and now we have to pay the price."

Al Fayed, who sold his stake in 2013, even claims that new Fulham owner took a long hard look at the Man in the Mirror and begged Fayed reinstate the iconic piece following the club's loss against Stoke City FC last weekend. He added "now he has paid the price because the club has been relegated. He called me because he told me he wanted Michael to return. I told him, no way."

The Thriller was commissioned by Fayed and installed at the back of the Hammersmith Stand of the Black and White club in 2011 but was forced to Beat It when the club's owner and all-round Smooth Criminal Shahid Khan took the reigns at the West London side in 2013. The original idea came after Fayed, a friend of the Billie Jean star, decided to commemorate the star's life following his death in 2009. Fayed was a friend of Jackson and the singer paid a visit to Craven Cottage when he attended a match between Fulham and Wigan in 1999. Speaking about his former pal, Fayed says "Michael is a fantastic example for everyone. He came from nowhere and showed fantastic determination to be a superstar and I am very glad that he is now in this great institution for people to enjoy."