Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Madar Imports Style In All Its Shades

Furniture powerhouse Madar's classy-yet-curious photo shoot with their new Brabbu collection is as close as we'll get to vicariously living out our own 50 Shades of Grey...

Staff Writer
If Brabbu sounds familiar then it's for one of two reasons: either you're a weirdo who can recognise furniture brands in movies, or you're so into 50 Shades of Grey to the point where you research who produced the pieces that whatever happens in that movie happens on. We like to refer to that as 'desperate', but we won't be ones to judge. Or, the alternative is that you’re the type of sophisticated individual who recognises breathtaking modern design when you see it, but that's likely not the case.
In celebration of furniture giant Madar’s recent deal that has them bringing Brabbu to Egypt, they’ve released images from a brooding photo shoot inspired by the sensual 50 Shades of Grey. The visual story evokes the themes of the film. A beautiful young woman is waiting in anticipation for a man who never shows up; lingering around her fantastically furnished home, she laments the unrequited love. While that's a sad story, we're more so overcome with envy that she's doing all of that perfectly poised on that stunning chair, or at the head of that gorgeous dining room set.
Madar Home Signature showrooms have, since 1996, provided the upper echelons of Egyptian society with access to the biggest and fanciest names in home decor. Supplying innovative solutions when it comes to interior design questions, these guys use brands like Fendi, Bentley, Minotti, Rubelli Casa, and now Brabbu, to make sure all your Feng Shui is flowing properly while looking fabulous. 
The owners of Madar are no strangers to fancy and fashionable taste, having brought the likes of Bulgari to Egypt as well. Madar even began producing its own pieces, made at a facility right here in Egypt, in Sakkara. Called Madar Misry, the brand is one of the first high style home decor brands made here in Egypt, tapping the potential of all the beautiful architecture in Cairo to look just as good (if not better) on the inside than it does one the outside. Let’s hope they help bring an Egyptian version of the 50 Shades movies to life. That would be great for tourists.
A couch designed by Rubelli Casa one of the new brands now featured at the showroom.

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Photos produced by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions. 

Photography: Lobna Derbala

Styling & Art Direction: Gehad Abdalla

Model: Lara Riad

Hair: Chez Richard Salon

Make up: Farah Serry

Shop the shoot at Boho Gallery.