Friday 9 of December, 2022
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Mama’s Day at the Marriott: Saray Spa’s Special Packages

This Mother's Day, Saray Spa at the luxurious Cairo Marriott has put together a selection of special treatments to give your mother the pampering she frankly deserves.

Cairo Scene

For a certain generation of Cairenes, the Cairo Marriott holds a special, quite nostalgic place in their hearts, built around memories of frolicking in the royal gardens on a sleepy, sunny Friday. A landmark of Zamalek, the hotel still holds this very particular, intangible vibe - one that is tailor made for a luxuriously relaxing Mother’s Day treat.

Among the restaurants and suites, there are few features of the hotel that better encapsulate ‘that’ Palace vibe than Saray Spa. A haven of wellness, this Mother’s Day, the spa has put together a trio of perfect packages.  

'All Up with Mom' offers a 75 minute body treatment, a 25 minute treatment of your mama's choice, as well free access to sauna and whirlpool and a complimentary fresh juice, herbal tea, detox water and fresh fruits - all for EGP 1300.

The ‘Pamper Package’, meanwhile, includes a 50-minute body treatment, a 25-minute treatment of her choice, plus all the same access and refreshing juice and fruits as above, for EGP 900.

The 'Mama's Day Out' package does things a little differently, offering a 90-minute mani-pedi, alongside a 50-minute Hammam treatment, a 50-minute massage treatment of her choice AND 50-minute session of white lamination to pioneer facial treatment for EGP 3,500.

Food is a part of any celebration or occasion, which the hotel readily offers too, with its very many different dining options. And just to add the cherry on top, the Saray Spa offers are valid well beyond Mother’s Day, until April 30th. For more information and reservations, call 02 2728 3000 or drop an email to