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Mamma Boot Camp

Become the yummy mummy you've always dreamed of as a brand new workout programme, designed especially for women who have given birth, takes Cairo by storm. We speak to trainer Therese Salah Eldin to find out more.

So we often see celebrities casually going through a pregnancy like it’s a piece of cake. Hollywood starlets seem to be able to pop out kids like they’re Tic-Tacs and just a few months later they’re back in shape – in better shape than most women who haven’t pushed a child out of their bodies  Obviously though, the life of a person who graces Vogue covers and racks in $20 million a year is a tad different than your average Jane. They have the luxury of a personal trainer that helps them get in shape – and comes to their 800,000 square foot homes so they don’t have to leave their kids, or an army of nannies to watch the kids. Us common folk have no such things. And we just sadly wallow in our post-pregnancy weight unsure of how to deal with it. In comes Mamma Boot Camp. The originally Swedish brand landed in Egypt last year. Currently led by Therese Salah Eldin, the training programme is aimed largely post-natal fitness but works across the board for women in general.

The classes focus on getting women’s bodies back in fighting shape after birth, but also facilitate workouts for mothers, logistically speaking. As a former personal trainer, Eldin saw a gap in the Egyptian market. “Here, a lot of mums end up being stuck at home because they don’t want to leave their kids with a nanny so they end up not having time to work out. With these classes, they can bring their babies to the workout and meet other mums in the same situation so it’s also like a built-in support system!” At the classes, women are encouraged to all bring their kids. The workouts vary, for some the babies are on the matts with them, for others mums face their babies’ strollers and do circuit training in a circle, rotating each time so different mums face different kids, and keep them entertained with their movements. “They don’t have to leave their babies in the corner – they’re part of the workout!” Eldin tells us.

The workout itself focuses on re-making your post-baby body. “After pregnancy your hormones change. Your pelvic floor softens we do certain movements which strengthen your pelvic floor and get back the alignment in your body. Your abdominal muscles are also stretched after you give birth so you need to do certain movements like crunches for instance to tighten them again. We do specialised exercises aimed at helping your body recover, and strengthening your core.”

Though Mamma Boot Camp is ideal for new mums, it is not solely focused on post-natal exercises. The workout is targeted at all women, regardless of birthing status. A blend of circuit training and aqua gym, the workout is always switching it up and gets extra brownie points for often taking place outdoors, which definitely beats the boxed monotony of a gym. We even took a whack at it earlier this week and we haven't pushed any kids out of our bodies recently. So if you’ve recently had a kid and want to get back into shape, or even if you just want a different workout we suggest you give Momma Boot Camp a shot!

You can check out their Facebook page here.