Saturday July 20th, 2024
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Man to Walk Length of the Nile

A eccentric British man (of course he's British) has apparently not heard of the great Egyptian felucca.

Staff Writer

Man to Walk Length of the Nile

We just found out that some dude from the UK is planning on walking the length of the Nile in one year. We can also confirm that his adventure is not inspired by Forrest Gump and he is not in da-nile about his ability to complete the inspirational task.

Levison Wood (his name has levi and wood in it, of course this is what he is doing with his life) is a former British Army captain and has so far come close to fisticuffs with crocodiles, nearly been arrested several times and waltzed passed a civil war in his 4,250 mile journey which included Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. He's currently in South Sudan, an unstable region, that has been destabilised by four months of fighting between pro- and anti-government forces.

“I’ve always had a passion for Africa since I was young. The river Nile has always interested me and I thought, what’s the biggest expedition I could ever think of? And walking the Nile it was,” he told The Associated Press.

We can't wait till he reaches Cairo; we're going to take him for an after hours drink at Bamboo Club in Corniche Giza.