Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Manicures And Cocktails Kick Off Taher's Elle Salon Opening In 6th of October

6th of October is Becky with the good hair now that Taher's Elle Salon is open.

Staff Writer

You've probably stood in line for hours at Sagheer Salon in Zamalek, waiting for that special moment when you get to rest your head in Taher’s capable hands for a thorough ruffling before he completely changes your look around, basically giving you a new gene pool for a whole day!Well, Taher’s genius has left the building to settle in 6th of October’s Twin Towers and open his very first and very own beauty salon, Elle, which saw him join forces with business partner and long time friend Hassan. “I have always wanted to open my own salon,” Taher says proudly. And now he has! The hair whizz opened up his fabulous new abode last night and it's a stunner.So if you are a 6th of October resident with a great fabulous luscious mane, there is a very slight chance you were actually born with it. Despite your incessant protestations, we, the great fabulous luscious hair cognoscenti inner circle, see right through your I-woke-up-like-this act, sister! It takes one to know one and we, too, went to Elle Salon’s soft opening last night for some free brushing and manicures over cocktails.

If, for some reason, you didn’t catch up on this vital piece of news until now and are ready to put your bad hair past behind you, check out Elle Salon on Facebook