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Massaging Mind, Body & Soul at The Four Seasons Cairo at Nile Plaza

Feeling tired, stressed, emotional, or over worked? Well, then there is only one destination for you: the Four Seasons Cairo at Nile Plaza's spa. We dropped by the luxurious hotel to try out their Vital Integral Therapy treatment, and let us tell you, it was life changing...

When you are approached to rest and relax with a crystal healing, aroma therapy massage session at the Four Seasons Cairo at Nile Plaza, let's be honest, there isn't a moment of hesitation. However, when this massage promises to cleanse your physical, mental and emotional distress, one can't help but stifle a chuckle...but the joke was definitely on us. 

Vital Integral Therapy is a treatment that thoroughly embraces all-natural elements and focuses as much on your inner well-being as your outer stresses and blemishes. It revolves around non-traditional natural medicine based on scientific and natural techniques influenced by Ancient Egyptian practices and developed over the years for the treatment of the human body. Through perhaps a bizarre service on the surface, after you try it once, it becomes clear there really is no other way to indulge at the spa.

As you walk into the Four Seasons Cairo at Nile Plaza spa you are immediately enchanted. Walking through the delicate purple changing rooms whilst your senses are overwhelmed with the aromatic smells of oils and candles, you just know you are in for a treat. I mean it is the Four Seasons after all. Having been greeted by the welcoming staff at the entrance to Nirvana, we wriggled ourselves into one of the spa's plush robes and slippers, made our way into the the relaxation room with an enchanting view of the Nile and prepared ourselves for a whole new level of comfort and well being.

When we eventually glided into the treatment room and practically lunged onto the massage table, our masseuse began the experience by inquiring about our general health, “Do you smoke? Do you drink? Are you a regular sleeper?”, and proceeded to explain what was going to be happening every step of the way.

The treatment, a very personal one, caters to everyone's personal preferences and desires. Whether you are looking to feel happier, relaxed or de-stressed (maybe even all of the above), practically everything is on the menu. Having decided to feel funky and fresh, the lights were dimmed, scented oil was rubbed into our hands and as we breathed in the subtle aroma of peppermint, the unburdening began almost instantly.

Whilst listening to the soothing sounds of birds chirping and waterfalls, different sized and coloured crystals were laid around the seven chakras of the body. A little unorthodox you may think, however these techniques rely mainly on re-estalishing energy balance to harmonise your mind, body and soul as nature intended. As the final crystal was placed by our head in a symbolic gesture for clarity, next the masseuse rubbed oil in her hands and the massage began. Starting at the feet the masseuse began massaging the pressure points on our feet and legs. The deep tissue massage was a tad painful at first touch, but as towels soaked in warm water were wrapped around our feet likes burritos, the pain subdued and turned into absolute relaxation.

Moving up the body to the arms, stomach (massaged in a circular motion to relax the inner organs) and head, the part we were looking forward to most arrived; the back massage. Smoothing out all of the kinks and knots, this part of the treatment was simply a dream. So much so that as we fell into a light slumber, we had to be embarrassingly nudged awake as the treatment came to a close.

Having never undergone this kind of mind, body and soul transformation, when we first walked into the beautiful and atmospheric room, we weren't convinced we were going to experience the change promised of the massage; however the result was profound.

Once the treatment was over, we were asked to dip our feet into a foot bath of warm water and oils as the masseuse began her analysis. Although our physical state was in very good condition, we can't say as much for our emotional...whoops. With all seven of our chakras closed, the treatment was genuinely a revelatory one a personal level, for our masseuse pin-pointed the specific stresses that were affecting the state of our body and soul.

Vital Integral Therapy is an excellent treatment for many conditions. From relieving anxiety and depression to balancing hormones and relaxing stressed and tired muscles, the experience ensures that for the following months your mood and general feeling of well-being remains serene and positive. A truly intoxicating experience, to this day serenity has taken over our mind, body and soul.

Make sure to drop by the Four Seasons Nile Plaza from November 26th to December 5th, when the treatment will be officially available. Trust us, it isn't something to be missed!


You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @fscaironp.