Friday 9 of December, 2022
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Mastaba Makes Sahel Tasty

A delicious new authentic Egyptian restaurant opens in Sahel in a couple of weeks AND THEY DELIVER. We get the scoop...

Staff Writer

So sometimes in Sahel, after an exhausting day on the beach (and by exhausting we just mean sitting around in the sun, tanning, and consuming haram things which we shan't mention now because we're fasting and trying very hard to be pious) we really want to eat like, a good meal (or any meal will do really), but we also neither want to partake in the physical creation of said meal, and genuinely don’t want to move from the comfort of our couches in our homes and drive along the damn Sahel highway to get it. Even Pizza Hut don’t deliver (rebbena yesame7hom). El mohem, Mastaba, an authentic Egyptian restaurant, will be opening up in Marassi on July 15th, and possibly our very favourite thing about this place is that unlike every effing food-providing store on the coast, it will deliver! Hallelujah!

The upcoming eatery's got all your favourite homegrown Egyptian dishes, y'know, your foul and falafel, your hawawshi and your baladi salad, and then a few other dishes with a twist. We spoke to one of the founders, Dara Abdel Aziz, who says "We wanted to focus on fewer dishes, but ensure that it was really authentic, really good quality – and we'll deliver all the way up to Hacienda Bay." Personally, we're eyeing the watermelon salad with feta cheese and mint vinaigrette, which sounds like the perfect summer starter, before we move on to bigger things, like their braised beef with wild herbs, and then finish it off with double dessert; pumpkin au gratin and konafa with ice cream and nuts. Ok yeah, we pretty much just planned out our entire meal. In our current starved state, it's almost a little scary how we can smell the imaginary food right now…

Anyways, Ramadan or not, we fully intend on ordering up from Mastaba this summer because they save you the effort of driving anywhere, god bless 'em (they also cater!)! Really, is there anything better than having a full Egyptian breakfast DELIEVRED TO YOUR SAHEL DOORSTEP? Ahh beid and basterma…

Find out more about Mastaba and check out their menu here.