Thursday March 30th, 2023
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This Nursery Is Changing the Preschool Education Game in Egypt

One nursery in Heliopolis has aimed to take a very different and innovative approach to preschool education, and it’s quite possibly the only one of its kind in Egypt.

Staff Writer

Education is a hot topic everywhere you go in the world, and Egypt is no stranger to the ongoing search for the most ideal approach to teaching our young. Even more vital is education for those very first years of our children’s lives. With growing awareness of how crucial those early steps are, and how much they determine a child’s future, parents are becoming more concerned about providing the best possible preschool education to their babies and toddlers. Yes, because we also start to learn important lessons from before we even start walking!

One nursery in Heliopolis has aimed to take a very different and innovative approach to preschool education, and it’s quite possibly the only one of its kind in Egypt. Lads N’ Lasses Nursery opened just two years ago, and has been pleasing parents and turning out well-rounded children in the short time since with their progressive approach to childhood education.

There is certainly nothing traditional about Lads N’ Lasses. You won’t find the usual huge classrooms and large numbers of children running about barely attended by a short number of staff. One of the key guiding principles here is their policy of maintaining small classroom sizes (no more than forty kids per year to be exact), a policy which international education experts say yields optimum behavioural and academic results. On top of that, they keep a high number of staff to fulfil their commitment to having one-on-one relationships with their kids. Lads N’ Lasses prefer to think of nursery as being a place which should be more like a second family and another home away from home. Undoubtedly, this provides the most supportive and encouraging atmosphere for young children.

The nursery accepts the full day care and preschool age range from three months to five years old. The American curriculum is also followed, so the children are split into groups according to knowledge and skill, as opposed to the more orthodox approach of age. All teachers and staff are highly qualified and trained in building relationships with the kids individually. This approach not only greatly helps them academically, but also builds self-confidence as each child is given all the necessary attention they need. Plenty of resources and tools are available for all the children to experiment and play with freely to explore their interests and hidden talents. This isn’t just for fun. For children this young, these kinds of activities are actually essential for their cognitive development, hand-eye coordination skills, and knowledge of the physical world.

What really sets Lads N’ Lasses apart from other nurseries in Cairo is its specialty in literature. This is the school’s central focus in teaching and raising their children. They have a special selection of books which have been brought over directly from the US, so you won’t be able to find them in any bookstore in Egypt. These books are the primary medium through which they try to build strong morals, language, listening, and attention skills. Many parents with children enrolled here have already said they noticed a positive change in their kids within a month of attending.

Lads N’ Lasses don’t believe in punishment or negative enforcement either. Instead, they emphasise on encouraging their kids in a positive manner. To urge them to be better versions of themselves constantly if they misbehave. To be apologetic if they wronged someone and be pushed to try harder. They don’t believe in strict discipline here. It accepts the humanity of its children and doesn’t punish them for their mistakes. Each one is treated as an experience to learn and grow from. After all, true perfection has to be imperfect!

On the 28th of September, the school will be holding an open event at 6pm for prospective parents to come and meet Lads N’ Lasses’ staff. The owner will also be giving a presentation to familiarise the guests with the nursery’s original teaching methods. Lots of activities will be held that day for all ages, including adults. It will be an opportunity for the parents to build friendships with the staff too. Those who attend the night and decide to enrol their little ones will also enjoy a 10% discount on the first fourth months of the school year.

We all love our children dearly, and would never want them to miss out on the best opportunities we can grab for them. Lads N’ Lasses may just be the best one to kick-start our toddlers’ long and adventurous road to adulthood.

You can find more information about the event here and read more about Lads N’ Lasses Nursery here.

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