Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Meraki: The New Egyptian Brand Making Creative Jewellery and Home Accessories with Epoxy Resin

The new local brand that gets creative with motifs taken from nature.

Staff Writer

It doesn't take an expert to understand that minimalism is 'in' these days, particularly in the worlds of interior design and home decor. But whatever happened to colour? What ever happened to fun? Whatever happened to going, "woah, what the hell is that?" 

In Meraki, we have a new local brand that gets creative with motifs taken from nature, using epoxy resin. Taking its name from the Greek word for 'doing things with love, passion and a lot of soul', Meraki was started by Egyptian architect, Reem Shaker, as a passion project when the 9-5 grind just wasn't doing it for her. Looking to do something with her own two hands, she opened Meraki as an art studio in Mohandiseen.

“I saw through my work that interiors lacked a sense of modernised creativity, so I decided I can do it myself," Shaker told CairoScene. "But I’m still learning and growing."

The brand’s products range from home accessories like coasters, side tables, to more elaborate items like paintings and jewellery. All products are customisable to the customers’ taste. Prices depend on the products, with jewellery ranging between EGP 150 and EGO 400, while tables start from EGP 3,000.

While epoxy resin is her signature material, Shaker uses it creatively with cement and wood, pointing to a flexibility that allows it to be shaped as and be used in almost anything as the reason for extensive use of it - something that goes back to the innate enjoyment she finds in working with her hands.

“I’ve always loved doing DIY and always wanted to own my own business," she explains, while also mentioning a simple love of art and colour. “My plans are to grow as a business, but I acknowledge that I’m in an ongoing learning phase and that I have more experimenting to do and hopefully have a gallery of my own soon.”

Shaker has big plans for Meraki and hopes to launch a workspace for artists, which you’d also be able to rent.

Check out some of Meraki's piece below.