Sunday March 26th, 2023
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Mo Salah Added to Egypt's National School Curriculum

Would your kid pass a Mo Salah pop quiz?

Farah Ibrahim

To teach children how to be a hero on and off the pitch, the story of football icon Mo Salah is getting added to Egypt’s national school curriculum.

At 29-years-old, the Liverpool striker is currently considered one of the world’s best footballers, which the Ministry of Education hopes will serve as an inspiration to young students. His life story in English-language textbooks for primary and secondary level students alongside icons like Naguib Mahfouz and Sir Magdi Yacoub.

Born in the village of Nagrig in the Nile Delta, Salah has consistently donated large sums of money into charitable efforts to develop his hometown. These philanthropic efforts will be studied by secondary level students, while primary level students will be taught about his upbringing and successes in the world of football.

Which really just leaves us with one question: Would your kid pass a Mo Salah pop quiz?