Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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The 8 Most Expensive Schools in Egypt

Wondering how much it costs to get a good education? Take a look at this list.

Staff Writer

Education is quite expensive in Egypt - or, proper education to be exact. On the other hand, education happens to be one of the most  important factors that determine a person's thoughts and entire future. So, while evaluating the merits of education and weighing them against cost take a look at our list of Egypt's most expensive schools. 

CAC - Cairo American College

Founded in 1945, CAC caters to most dependents of the local American embassy and other international students, though a large amount of Egyptian students also attend, and is located in Maadi. The tuition fees are approximately $22,900 which is equivalent to 179,422 EGP and $350 will be added for the admission along with $10,700 fees for first-comers, altogether 86,497 EGP (in addition to the tuition fees in general.)
NCBIS - New Cairo British International School
Built in 1978, NCBIS was originally founded by a group of parents, most of whom were connected with the World Health Organisation. The famous school is located in the 5th Settlement and the schools hosts the students for 13 years of studying at the end of which they receive the internationally respected IB Diploma. The tuition fees amount to £9,234, equivalent to 113,116 EGP and the Registration fees cost about £3,385, i.e 40,195 EGP.

BISC - British International School in Cairo
Formed in 1976, BISC has since then been following the British educational system, as well as instilling British manners in the students. It has risen to be one of Egypt's best private schools. It charges around $14,000 per year, which makes about 110,000 EGP. 

AIS - American International School in Egypt
A co-educational college preparatory school in Cairo that consists of two campuses, an East building, the main campus, is in New Cairo, 5th Settlement, while the West Campus is located in Sheikh Zayed, 6th of October City. To study in this private school, one would have to pay $10,300 which is equal to 73,665 EGP a year.
MES - Modern English School
First founded in 1990, this is a fairly new but well established school that first started with 28 students and only kept growing a rapid rate especially over the past couple of years. It charges 69,333 EGP per school year.
El Alsson School
El Alsson was built in 1982 as a private school, and then adopted the British educational system in 1992. Tuition fees cost $7,900 a year and that makes a sum of 56,500 EGP.
The International Schools of Choueifat
Choueifat was established in 1995 in Kattameya, where it franchised later on in 6th of October City. A school year cost around $7,450 a year, which makes approximately 53,300 EGP.
CIS - Canadian International School
Established in 2002, CIS is the first independent Canadian school in Egypt and charges $6,990 per school year which is 50,000 EGP for tuition fees.