Monday 28 of November, 2022
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Mother Naked is the Skincare Brand Bottling Up a Sunkissed Glow

Bid white casts farewell because local skincare/makeup hybrid brand ‘Mother Naked’ is here to rectify the damage.

Farida El Shafie

Nothing can quite rectify the damage left by a chunky physical sunscreen that ultimately leaves you with a circus-esque aesthetic, and whilst clown moments are socially-speaking inevitable, they’re also perhaps ones you don’t intend on having. No hours spent profusely rubbing the concoction and vigorously wiping away the excess can actually salvage the war paint you’ve just slathered on. Built to remedy the pilling hot mess left by generic products, local skincare-makeup hybrid brand ‘Mother Naked’ is Egypt’s answer to Korean sunscreen.

“No one actually knows the full extent of the damage that can come about using harsh skincare,” co-founder Nada Shehata tells CairoScene. “People tend to think that the worst that can happen is a rash, but the truth is, continuous usage of ill-fitting products can desensitise the skin, damaging your barrier and making you more prone to skin-related issues.”

The family owned business - comprised of Nada Shehata, Salma Shehata and Selim Tarek (Nada’s spouse) - aims to sit atop Sephora’s pristine shelves, blissfully accompanying your bi-monthly mascara re-stock and travel-sized perfume hoarding addiction. As it stands, the brand has three main variations of the SPF including: a ‘Pina Colada’ rendition that is meant to blur, refine and protect your skin, a ‘Better than a Breakup Glow Up’ edition made to mimic a sunkissed tint and a ‘Practice What You Peach’ liquid blush to layer on top for a natural rosy flush. Everything is imbued with skin-loving ingredients including Hylauronic acid, Niacinamide and SPF 30 (of course).

To shop the skin soothing products head to their website